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Letter from the President -2023/1:
read here [PDF]

Call about Iranian and Afghani women. As the International Association of Art (IAA), official partner of UNESCO, we are standing by the women and the oppressed people of this world. Read our call here

Letter from the President -2022/1:
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Declaration of AIAP/IAA against the invasion of Ukraine and against war: read here

Letter from the President -2020/3:
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Letter from the President -2020/2:
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Letter from the President -2020/1:
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World Art Day has been voted unanimously one of the 'UNESCO International Days' by the Executive Board of UNESCO: read press release [PDF]

Letter from the president for World Art Day 2019: read here

Christmas and New Year’s greetings from the president:
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The 2018 WAD message from the President: read here

Best wishes from the president and the EC: read here


IAA World President Bedri Baykam’s speech at the UNESCO 39th General Conference in Paris on November 6, 2017

Letter from the President -8:
read here [PDF]

Letter from the President -7:
read here [PDF]

Letter from the President -6:
read here [PDF]

Letter from the President -5: about World Art Day (WAD),
read here [PDF]

The IAA-World Executive-Commitee celebrates International Women's Day. read more

Press conference about Ashraf Fayadh, 7 December 2015

IAA/AIAP Official Partner of Unesco, World President Bedri Baykam, held a press conference in Istanbul at the Piramid art center about the poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh who had been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. read more

Letter from the President -4: about World Art Day (WAD),
read here [PDF]

Letter from the President -3:
read here [PDF]

Ashraf Fayadh

Open letter from the International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP – official partner of UNESCO,
to the World's art community,
read here

Speech from the president at the regional meeting in Latin-America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica, 19th November 2015, read here [PDF]

Letter from the President about the Paris attacks, November 2015, read here [PDF]

Letter from the President,
October 2015, read here [PDF]


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The International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP, is an NGO (a non-governmental organisation) working in official partnership with UNESCO, with the consultative status, comprising artists belonging essentially to the fields of painting, sculpture, printmakers, and artists practising other forms of creative work in the visual arts. read more

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GRAD 2024 et SARAJEVO 2025

Art Lab City 2024 is dedicated to the Charter of the Bosnian Ban Kulin and the World Day of Peace. We want to invite you to participate in the action 'Public invitation of artists to artists' from the place where you are staying now to come to the CULTURE OLYMPICS SARAJEVO 2025. At the same time, we invite you to send us your Art link so that we can present your artwork at the GRAD Festival in September 2024.
You can find all the information about the Sarajevo 2025 Culture Olympics on the website: and the link.


The Art Studio Itsukaichi Artist-in Residence, Tokyo, Japan, proposes stages from September 1st, 2024, to November 2024.
Information | Equipment |
| Application form | Website

Virtual exhibition, Chile.
Call for artists.

The fight against climate change has stirred the conscience of millions of people worldwide. Once again, APECH artists (the national Committee of Chile) want to contribute in improving the planet's health by collaborating in different initiatives such as proùmoting sustainable development through the education of future generations.

By teaching them basic actions like: saving water,separating trash, reusing plastic, using public transportation, turning off devices when not in use, using ecological bags, using less toxic products, etc.

In this context, APECH calls on all artists wishing to join a virtual exhibition 'ARTISTS AGAINST THE CLI%MATE CHANGE'.

Please, send a photo of the work with its technological description.
Deadline: June 30, 2024

IAA Incheon Art Festival, Korea. Invitation to participate, deadline 1 March. Please, find all the information and application forms here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6.

'Art for a non violent culture of Peace'. Exhibition and Round table. January 12, 2023. 1 PM Serbia. Novi Sad. Organized by the Foundation 'Matica Mira'. AIAP National Committee of Serbia. Read more: flyer | exhibition.

SOS from Belarus

"Supporting political prisoners and artists is one of the most crucial aspects of our work. To draw attention to these individuals and raise money to help their families, from time to time we organize charity auctions. In October we put up for auction the work by the artist Rufina Bazlova. An embroidered portrait of the artist — political prisoner Ales Pushkin, who is in prison on false charges of rehabilitating Nazism and inciting hostility, became the lot. According to the decision of its new owner, this work of contemporary art will become one of the exhibits of the Free Belarus Museum." Read more through this link.

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