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Read the recommendations nr. 1 | nr. 2 | nr. 3 and resolutions nr. 1 | nr. 2, accepted on the GA Pilsen, 2015 [PDF]


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October 14-18, 2015

25 active delegations participated to the 18th World General Assembly of UNESCO-IAA/AIAP in Pilsen where several issues related to artist's conditions were discussed and the new Executive Committee as well as the new President was elected.
On the 18th of October, Bedri Baykam, President of the Turkish National Committee UPSD was elected as the new World President of UNESCO-IAA/AIAP for a term of four years in between 2015-2019.
The other elected members of the executive committee are Anne Pourny (France, Vice-President), Marta Mabel Perez (Puerto Rico, Treasurer), Cho Kang Hoon (South-Korea, Coordinator for Asia-Pacific), Pavol Kral (Slovakia, Coordinator for Europe), Dolores Ortiz (Mexico, Coordinator for Latin America), Franklyn King Glover (Ghana, Coordinator for African Countries), Katarina Jönsson Norling (Sweden), Maria Moroz (Poland), Christos Symeonides (Cyprus), Ryoji Ikeda (Japan).
The General Assembly also selected few other names to honor. Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco, the ex-President from Mexico and ex-executive Committee Member Anders Liden from Sweden were given the title of 'Honorary President'.
Three other names, became Honorary Counselors. Those are, Grete Marstein (Norway, ex-Vice President), Kaan Irie (Japan, ex-Executive Committee Member), Anton Loubser (South Africa, ex- Coordinator for Africa).
As the General Assembly went on after the elections under the Presidency of Baykam, five new resolutions were accepted. Among them, the resolution proposed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, concerning the remuneration of artists whose work were exhibited in public spaces, raised a lot of interest.
Other important resolutions also passed, concentrating their efforts on the 'rights of artists', such as the one put forward by Slovakia 'The Status of the Artist' or the one by Cyprus 'Every artist has the right to belong to a legal artist's organization'. Germany, Sweden and Mexico passed a resolution on the striking importance of art education, based on the book of Anne Bamford from 2004 (The Wow Factor). Another very interesting resolution was the one of Sweden, which asks all the National Committee to encourage in their countries all the cities that could join this program of giving shelter or a 'Safe Haven' to visual artists and intellectuals at risk like the ICORN Residency Program supported by the Swedish Arts Council. All the Resolutions will be published at the IAA Web site:

The European General Assembly was also held in Pilsen. The German delegate, chairman of IGBK, Werner Schaub was elected as the President and the other members of the Executive Committee were Anne Pourny (France), Maria Moroz (Poland), Francis Desiderio (Belgium), Elena Gryanova (Russia), Anders Werdelin (Denmark), Pontus Raud (Sweden).


The new European President of UNESCO-IAA/AIAP Werner Schaub was born 1945 in Ortenau, Baden.

He is an artist and is engaged with various organisations related to the visual arts.
He is chairman and speaker of the Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler (, chairman and speaker of the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (, and board member of the collecting society VG BILD-KUNST (
He also chairs the Heidelberger Forum für Kunst ( and is vice-president of the Akademie der Künste Rhein-Neckar (
From 2002 to 2008 Werner Schaub was president of the International Association of Art (IAA) Europe and since autumn 2015 he has been holding that office again.
He lives in Heidelberg, Germany.

IAA/AIAP's origins
The origins of IAA/AIAP (International Association of Art) can be traced to the Third General Conference of UNESCO, held at Beirut, Lebanon, in 1948. The Director-General was charged with enquiring into 'ways in which artists might serve the aims of UNESCO', and to discover what obstacles of a social, economic, or political order lay in the path of artists in the practice of their art. He was charged, too, with recommending measures by which artists working conditions could be improved and their freedom assured.
The UNESCO Conference, at its sixth session, in 1951, empowered the Director-General to organize an International Conference of artists to study the actual conditions of artists' freedom in various countries and to enquire into the means to associate them more closely with UNESCO's work. Accordingly, in 1952, at a conference of artists held in Venice, 23 governments and 48 associations of artists in 19 countries, declared themselves in favor of the formation of an international association of painters, sculptors and engravers. A provisional council was formed under the chairmanship of Gino Severini (Italy), and a secretariat was opened in UNESCO House in Paris.
In 1954, in Venice, the General Assembly of the fully constituted Association was summoned for the first time and declared the basic aims of IAA/AIAP. At this first Assembly, 18 countries (with National Committees already formed) took part, with observers from another 22 countries. Artists like Miro, Braque, Delaunay, Pasmore, Hartung, Laurencin, Matta, Lurçat, Masson, Vasarely, Moore, Soto, Cesar, Calder, and many others left their print at IAA/AIAP.
Since its creation, UNESCO gave to IAA/AIAP the status of UNESCO partnership NGO with the status of consultative Association. The headquarters of IAA/AIAP are at the UNESCO Building in Paris.

The new World President of UNESCO–IAA/AIAP, Bedri Baykam was born in 1957 in Ankara, Turkey. He studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris between 1975-1980 and got his MBA. He later studied painting and filmmaking at the California College of Art and Crafts between 1980-1984. He has had 134 solo-shows and has participated in several group shows. He has 26 published books and is one of the big defenders of secularism and democracy in Turkey.
He survived a terrorist attack in 2011 by Islamic fundamentalists after having been stabbed after a press conference, about a sculpture/monument in danger.
He had been defending 'the Monument of Humanity' of sculptor Mehmet Aksoy that was under the threat of Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan. In spite of resolutions from IAA/AIAP World and Europe, that monument in Kars has been destroyed with the orders of the ex-Turkish Prime Minister.
One of the founders of the Turkish National Committee (UPSD) in 1989, Baykam has been the President of UPSD since 2006. He was an executive Committee member in the previous term both for IAA/Europe and IAA/World.
He also had instigated the World Art Day (WAD) in Guadalajara/Mexico at the 17th General Assembly in 2011, after the resolution of Turkey that he presented was unanimously accepted by the General Assembly. Since that day, the 15th of April, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, has been celebrated as World Art Day. This year around 40 nations celebrated were around the world.
Baykam writes for the renowned Turkish daily Cumhuriyet. He has an art Center in Istanbul, Piramid Sanat.
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Dear Presidents,
Dear Executive Committee Members,
Dear National Committees from all over the world,

As you know our 18th General Assembly was held in Pilsen, Cezch Republic, October 14-18, 2015 and I have been elected as the President until 2019. Our other members elected to the World Executive Committee are: Anne Pourny (France, Vice-President), Marta Mabel Perez (Puerto Rico, Treasurer), Cho Kang Hoon (South-Korea, Coordinator for Asia-Pacific), Pavol Kral (Slovakia, Coordinator for Europe), Dolores Ortiz (Mexico, Coordinator for Latin America), Franklyn King Glover (Ghana, Coordinator for African Countries), Katarina Jönsson Norling (Sweden), Maria Moroz (Poland), Christos Symeonides (Cyprus), Ryoji Ikeda (Japan).

It was an honor for all of for your great and generous support. Please find attached (and here below also) our press release about our General Assembly. Please distribute it through mail to your foreign and English speaking friends and art critics and please translate it into your own language so that you can share this information with all your members. Please also place this Press Bulletin about the GA to your website.

ALSO: Please also distribute this press release of the Pilsen General Assembly to the press, all media, as much as you can local as well as national (Even international where ever you can) Because as you are going to read here below, communication is going to be one of our main assets in these four years, not just for WAD, but for all the activities and general presence of IAA, anywhere in the world.

How we are going to work during this new period

Dear Presidents and National Executive Committee Members,
As the social media and internet are more and more a very important tool of communication in our times, we are going to do a great effort to stay in touch and use all the new technological means to increase our communication and the whole image of IAA.

As we know, UNESCO-IAA/AIAP and the representing National Committee is not always known by everybody in every member country. We have to do some extensive effort to change this situation. IAA/AIAP and your National Committee have to be present as much as possible in the national art scene. That means going to as many opening as you can, establish all possible open links in order to bureaucratic problems of your members as well as censorship if there are any in your country. Also, as much as you can, visit the galleries, leave your card and establish strong professional relations.
Being positive spirited, problem solver and caring for, as many members as you can, will raise interest, curiosity and respect for your organization. We must prove a solidarity and team effort that should incite all other artists to want to become a member of our larger international family. Nobody in your country should say, 'What is IAA?' or 'Who does it serve to, why does it exist?'. That's why we have also asked you to stay in very close touch with the medias, press, TVs, radios, websites, online media etc.


Please make good use of the internet and before anything your website of IAA. Please keep your flow of images alive and publish them on your website. Those can be important exhibitions, problems, polemics, or any other relevant information regarding artist in your country or in general. Always send those content to IAA Centre Office Martine Pasquet as well as to my general coordinator Oyku Eras and my new email during my presidency is

This email which will only be used for IAA/AIAP-UPSD and the other national committees of our organization and nothing else. Please publish my personal email address in your website.

Please use always our historical data and weight related to UNESCO since 1948 (as reminded also in the press release) in your relation with the state officials or with foundations or corporations. We must take our weight and ourselves and image very seriously. 'If we don't take ourselves, seriously, who else will?' as the old saying states!

Also, as all credits and images of any State, Corporation or brand moves, we must do everything possible to increase the visibility the credit and the respect towards IAA. Each of us is here to make it better.
'Anything that deserves to be done deserves to be done very well'. Because as all of you are important artists and intellectuals of your country, you are spending time for this International Association and it has to be as much worth it as possible.

You are all welcome to write me also your ideas, your suggestions and we can brain storm together about any subject that might lead to a more efficient IAA.


I will write you a different letter regarding WAD, soon. At this point let me only tell you that the earlier you make your WAD plans, the better it will be.
That's all for now. Our next President's Office Bulletin will be most likely about WAD.
Thank you again for the support you have given to all our Executive Committee Members and to my Presidency.
Look forward to hear from you, my communications with you will always stay open and please accept my warmest regards,

Bedri Baykam

World President

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Arts education
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