IAA/AIAP great contributions

Since its foundation, IAA/AIAP either negociated or drawn attention to international agreements, declarations and other actions designed to facilitate the works of visual artists. Examples of this program are:

  • Declaration on the legal number of Casts and Prints
  • Joint Declaration with the International Union of Architects on Cooperation between visual artists and architects
  • Regulation for international art competition
  • IAA/AIAP Card membership affording free or privileged access to Museums
  • Presentation to UNESCO of a project on the status of visual artists

Publications were made in 'Art – The Journal of the Professional Artist' dedicated to copyright, resale right, artists and education, as well as the professional training of the artists.

Still since its foundation, IAA/AIAP has held congresses and conferences in different countries. The following themes were treated:

  • Artists of East and West
  • The artist and the architect
  • What is a professional artist ?
  • The artist’ s professional training
  • Artist and the environment
  • The artist today, as a constructive participant in society
  • Art and the public