Professional artist identity card attribution

Now, the professional artist identity card IAA AIAP is delivered by the National Committee where the artist is living, and no longer by the Paris Office.

This card is available for one year, and allows a free entrance in a lot of Museums and Galleries all around the world. Nevertheless, some Museums don’t participate yet to this action, and it is advisable, before visiting any country, to consult the list of those Museums and galleries on the websites of the concerned National Committee.

The addresses of the NC's are available in the National Committees list, which gathers the addresses, region per region: Latin America, Europe-North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Arab States.

If the country where the artist lives or is going to live doesn’t have any National Committee, please, contact the Region President and/or the Region Coordinator to submit the case.

It doesn’t exist a specific status yet for this kind of situation.