The condition of the Artist today: a worldwide inquiry

Since its creation, the defense of the condition of the artists, his economic and social condition, as well as the defense of the artists rights, was, and is still the IAA goal. The first analysis led to the creation of the World Observatory on the Condition of the Artists.

Regarding the economic and political changes worldwide, it is time to propose a new analysis of the artists status.
The results of the IAA enquiry were presented in the following document, during the Oslo GA, in October 2013.
This document is not the definitive one, all the suggestions and commentaries being able to be studied till September 2015. Actually, the last text will be voted during the IAA General Assembly which will take place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, in October 2015.

All the categories of artists: visual artists, dancers, musicians, actors, mimes, etc, can participate to this enquiry.
The answers and/or commentaries will be mailed to:, Pavol Kral being the President of IAA Europe.
The final text will be proposed to Unesco as a reference, in order to help the artists when they have to negociate, as well as to the governments for a legal recognition of the artists working conditions.

To read this first analysis, 'Status of the Artist', please, click here.

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