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N° 15

- The AIAP General Assembly. Istanbul 2023. Decisions
- Creation of new committees in Latin America
- Condition of the artist: towards new paradigms. the experience of Costa Rica
- Reintegration of USA to Unesco
- Unesco publications. « Defending creative voices: Artists at risk »

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N° 14

- Condition of the Artist: customs duties and recognition of the AIAP/IAA card by member States
- UNESCO NGOs General Assembly: an historical review of the policy of UNESCO
- UNESCO publications

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N° 13

- Moroccan law on the legal status of artists and artistic professions

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N° 12

- The vote of the World Art Day by the 40th UNESCO General Conference
- The 40th UNESCO General Conference and the Condition of the Artist
- The AIAP/IAA National Committees and the Status of the Artist
- The 40th UNESCO General Conference and the future of Art Education
- The artists and the Inclusive cities of the UNESCO network: income, visibility
- A new goal for AIAP/IAA: the shipment of the artworks
- Miscellaneous: publications, IAA contribution to the 2030 objectives, the UNESCO priorities, Projects

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Newsletter June 2019 about the status of the artists in Europe, from the Coalition for Cultural Diversity

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N° 11

- Three IAA important events
- Status of the Artist
- Re/shaping cultural policies 2018
- Unesco NGOs General Assembly, 2018

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N° 10

- President Bedri BAYKAM’s speech at UNESCO
- A new Directrice General at UNESCO
- The Directrice General’s speech at the NGOs Forum
- ONU and UNESCO objectives for 2030: Culture
- The status of the Artist
- Re/shaping the cultural policies
- CISAC and the universal resale right

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N° 9

- Celebration of WAD 2016 by Institutions
- The Africa Week
- IAA AIAP Biennales and exhibitions worldwide
- Europe GA: Social Security for Visual artists
- A Unesco NGOs Forum on Peace in Mexico
- The 2016 Unesco NGOs General Assembly

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N° 8

- IAA-AIAP General Meeting, Pilsen, October 2015
- Europe General Meeting, Pilsen, October 2015
- Regional Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean, November 2015
Traveling exhibitions: 'Children worldwide draw for Peace' and 'France-Morocco: 'For Art, for Peace, the children undertake'
- Judgment in Germany on a form of copyright
- Preparation of the International Forum of the NGO Liaison Committee
- Celebration of the 70 years of Unesco
- Executive Council, and the Committee on NGOs Governmental Partners, October 2015
- 38th Unesco General Assembly, November 2015
- Unesco 2015 Report on 'The Status of the Artist'
- First global report on cultural and creative industries, December 2015

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N° 7

- Status of the Artist: after the example of Canada; Pestering the politicians; Last negociations for the artists
WAD 2015: A 'first' at UNESCO; Reports and new participative countries
Preparing the AIAP/IAA General Assembly, in Pilzen, Czech Republic, October 2015
- Unesco priorities till 2024
- An important NGOs Forum: 'Rapprochement of Cultures', in Beijing, July 2015
Culture and Education: Culture goals for 2015 and AIAP/IAA policy
- New potential side activities for artists in Art Therapy

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N° 6

- AIAP IAA activities: the 2014 Regional General Assemblies
- The artists and the TTIP: Urheberrecht initiative and copyright interests, ECA TTIP Conference
Arts Education: An initiative of the Japanese Committee, the results of the Michaelle Jean Foundation Forum
The Unesco NGOs, December 2014: Culture and Education, The speech of the Director-General, The NGOs Unesco Liaison Committee Report, Informing on WAD

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N° 5

- IAA news
- One of IAA's great challenges: arts education and the UNESCO Post 2015 Agenda
- Finding solutions
- From 'Art for everybody' to 'Art by everybody': WAD
- Conclusion

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N° 4

- New National Committees
- IAA AIAP and Unesco: creating close links
- IAA Europe General Assembly: the Oslo Congress and the condition of the Artist
- IAA Europe General Assembly: Culture Economy
- Finding financings
- The 'Fondation de France' (Foundation of France) and the 'New Patrons': a new partnership model for the world?

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N° 3
- The UNESCO fortcoming philosophy and the new directives:
The NGO's General Conference. Paris, December 2012
- Public and private grants and residencies for artists: an inventory to do
- IAA/AIAP events
- The UNESCO last publications

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N° 2
- The Aschberg Burseries 2013 for young artists
- The 'Dialogue Programm' of the French National Committee at work:
exhibitions and conferences in South-Africa and France
- About 'Resale right': comparative rights in different countries
- 'Professional artist now' and 'Art in the service of freedom':
IAA Europe & North-America initiatives and IAA president's call
- IAA activities: preparation of a report for UNESCO
- On IAA’S calendar

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N° 1
- The new status of IAA inside UNESCO
- The launching of the first 'World Art Day', created by IAA
- Celebration of the first UNESCO Education Week
- CNFAP-SANAVA: Dialogues Program, France-South- Africa, 2012/2013
- Creation of 2 newsletters

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