Cultitudes 6263: The Artists Worlwide Skype Café
A Swedish initiative


North Cultitude 6263 aims to increase cooperation along 62 and 63 latitudes with Art and cultural projects. The collaboration will be between artists, culture organisations, institutions and creative industries.
The idea is to increase an active network as a Platform in the culture field around the world in ten years.

The project has been existing for almost three years. Last year, the project has been driven as an interactive project from cost to cost, Sweden - Norway. Next step will be to connect Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden and Findland.
The goal is to create new cross-border projects and contacts.

The project has created a method of presentation, pitching in five minutes with the images shown in two countries on Internet in real time. Twenty examples of these are presented on the website:

Today, the network consists on approximately 300 active artists but the number is growing all the time, and new art collaborations from all over the world, to come and join the project and create new art projects.

President: Andreas Brännlund. Tel: 00 46 70 73 17 076


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Cultitudes 6263